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In the realm of superstition, cats tend to be potrayed negatively. Many superstitious beliefs originated from the Middle Ages, when cats were considered a symbol of paganism and were hunted down as evil beings, tortured and killed. Here are some of them that may seems familiar.


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  1. If a cat walks on the altar before a wedding, the marriage will be unhappy.
  2. If a cat cleans itself under the window of a sick person, the person will die.
  3. If two cats fight in front of a door, there is discord in the house.
  4. Drowning or hitting a cat brings seven years of bad luck.
  5. When a cat cleans itself, guests are coming.
  6. In England, the people believe that a cat's sneeze foretells rain.
  7. Superstitious Japanese believe that only cats without tails or shor tails are good. Long tails in their eyes bring bad luck.
  8. A cat sleeping with all four paws tucked under means bad weather is coming.
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