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Miyanlove August 19, 2013 User blog:Miyanlove

I found several other wikis that are related to the animals topic. However, seemingly their wikis inactive or getting less popular. even then, I still leave message there to affiliate with those wikis if they interested.

So these are those wikis:

  1. Dogs and Cats wiki (101 pages)
    • A wiki that mainly on dogs and cats. They have great template and breeds outline here. Check them out.
    • Also have lots of pretty images!
  2. Animals wiki (152 pages)
    • Kinda look basic from the mainpage layout, but they do sure have more pages than we have here. hum..
  3. Animals wiki (1,411 pages)
    • I know the name the same with the above, but this is a totally different wiki. I mean just look at the pages they have! 
    • Seemingly this is the most currently active wiki.

Interested? Go check them out. It would be nice if we could drag a few users from there to visit us here. :-)

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